MasterChef Malaysia – Astro Assembles Impressive Professional Chefs as Judges

MasterChef gets cooking with assorted culinary tips and techniques to viewers of Astro Ria and STAR World

 In keeping promise to bring forth a new viewing experience to its viewers, Astro will broadcast the popular cooking reality programme, MasterChef Malaysia.  Astro announced the judges who will host this programme and also the 40 successful contestants who will take part in MasterChef Malaysia and ultimately one will win the title of the first Malaysian MasterChef. This is one of the most anticipated programme for Malaysian viewers and MasterChef Malaysia will air starting 22 October on Astro Ria (Channel 104) and STAR World (Channel 711) starting 27 October 2011.

Besides hosting the programme, these five judges will not only evaluate the capabilities but also keep track of the progress of each participant. The five judges who will helm MasterChef Malaysia are, Mohd Nadzri Redzuawan, 29 (Chef Riz); Moh Johari Edrus, 55 (Chef Jo); Zubir Bin Md.Zain, 45 (Chef Zubir); Yahaya bin Hassan, 49 (Chef Yahaya) dan Priya Menon.

*Please refer attachment for judges’ profile.

Khairul Anwar Salleh, Vice President, Malay Language Business said, “Being one of the best Malay entertainment channel to provide only the best in entertainment, Astro Ria is proud to bring our viewers yet another highly anticipated programme to Malaysian viewers. The ensemble of popular professional chefs as judges to helm MasterChef Malaysia is renowned for their vast experience in the culinary world. Their presence will be a positive impact for the show; therefore, participants should take on this opportunity to learn as much culinary knowledge and techniques as shared by the judges in the programme to excel not only in the programme but also to improve their overall cooking skills to a level on par with MasterChef ”.

After conducting a nationwide search, 40 of the best amateur cooks in Malaysia shortlisted have shown great quality and potential to go far in this competition and in the culinary world. The contestants come from various backgrounds such as actors, dentists, fashion designers, rubber tappers, and even university students. The top 40 contestants will be narrowed down to the top 24 in the Boot Camp episodes and at the end of the season, only one will be crowned the winner of MasterChef Malaysia.

*Please refer attachment for the top 40 list

The collaboration between Astro Ria and STAR World to jointly broadcast Master Chef Malaysia was also announced at the event. As the No.1 general entertainment channel on Astro, STAR World has brought Malaysian viewers the top rated MasterChef and MasterClass franchise for the past 2 years.  And for the first time, Fox International Channels and STAR World are now happy to have a strong partnership with Astro Ria in producing a local version of the show and to take the brand further and to build a new set of audience with their reach and to bring MasterChef closer to the Malaysian audiences by injecting local flavors into the show.

Star World will broadcast Kuliah Master (MasterClass) featuring celebrities and celebrity chefs while the other programmes will be aired in Astro Ria. Six programmes will be broadcasted in a week which includes ‘Peti Saji Misteri & Ujian Cipta Rasa’ (Saturday), ‘Ujian Sajian Pantas’ and ‘Penyingkiran’ (Sunday), ‘Cabaran Chef Selebriti’ (Monday), ‘Cabaran Sajian Luar’ (Tuesday), ‘Penyingkiran’ (Wednesday) and ‘Kuliah Master’ (Friday).

*Please refer attachment for programme information

Khairul added, “This joined effort is a great collaboration in promoting this programme to the Malaysian viewers who comes from different backgrounds. Indirectly, MasterChef Malaysia will highlight the various unique cultures in Malaysia. After watching foreign culinary talents from America, United Kingdom and Australia on screen, it’s finally time for Astro to feature Malaysians as they showcase their culinary prowess in MasterChef Malaysia”.

MasterChef is an international renown brand on it’s own, the Australian MasterChef which started in 2009 created history in Australia with the highest viewership for a non-sporting programme with four million viewers for the final episode in late 2010. MasterChef is a worldwide phenomenon with MasterChef UK showing in 145 countries while MasterChef US dan MasterChef France are gaining popularity worldwide.

“Di kesempatan ini juga saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih sekaligus mengalu-alukan kehadiran PANASONIC ‘Cooking Magic’ selaku penaja utama MasterChef Malaysia. Setinggi-tinggi penghargaan juga kami rakamkan kepada penaja bersama iaitu Hong Leong Bank, Jaya Grocer, Maggi, MyChef dan NeuVida Omega-9 Cooking Oil. Sokongan yang diberikan oleh pelbagai pihak terhadap rancangan ini menaikkan lagi semangat kami untuk untuk menayangkan MasterChef Malaysia”, tambah Khairul lagi.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank and also welcome PANASONIC ‘Cooking Magic’; as the main sponsor for MasterChef Malaysia. We would also like to thanks our other other sponsors which are Hong Leong Bank, Jaya Grocer, Maggi, MyChef, and NeuVida Omega-9 Cooking Oil. Thank you for the support enable us to boost our spirits to air MasterChef Malaysia”, added Khairul.

Don’t miss the premiere of MasterChef Malaysia with episodes ‘Peti Saji Misteri’ and ‘Ujian Cipta Rasa’ on Astro Ria (Channel 104) starting 22 October 2011 and ‘Kuliah Master’ (MasterClass) on Star World (Channel 711) starting 27 October 2011 and on Astro Ria (channel 104) starting on 4 November 2011.

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