Ellen Allien Dan Djinxx Sabtu Ini.

Yey esok pergi Mist Club kat Bangsar tu lagi tengok Ellen Allien Dan Djinxx, huh sejak bila aku kaki disco ni?.. hahaha ntah la ni pun sebab dapat tiket free dari @junkonline , thanks ye @junkonline.. kalau korang nak tahu dua bulan lepas aku dapat satu jemputan dari @junkonline gak tapi tak pergi sebab ada hal, nasib baik kali ni boleh pergi so tak nak lepaskan peluang ni.. 😛 tapi… tapi… ntah la macam berat je nak pergi sebab.. dresscode: Dress to Party, Dress To Dance!… ahhh malas la aku nak menari-nari.. aku bukan kaki disco.. tak pernah pun menari disco ni.. kalau perut tak boroi tak pe gak.. ni kang kalau aku menari abis semua lemak aku ikut menari hehe.. so aku 50/50 sekarang ni.. kalau tak sedap hati tak pe lah aku tak pergilah.. bagi kat orang lain je tiket tu..

Ok kepada korang yang teringin sangat nak tahu dan nak dapatkan tiket ke event ni boleh baca info yang aku perolehi kat facebook Ohrwurm ni… cayorrrkkk…

This coming June 5th, prepare to immerse yourself into the sounds by the high priestess of techno and B-pitch Control label boss lady, ELLEN ALLIEN (BPitchControl/Watergate/Ed Banger/Fabric), supported by KARIM SAHRAOUI aka DJINXX (Cocoon/Ovum/Bedrock/FComm),open by ANDREW&NYL & visuals by A MAN CALLED UNCLE.

Ellen Allien, owner of the BPitch Control label and Fairy Queen of Berlin’s more delicately woven rave music, has been tinkering with the sound of the city for over a decade now. What has remained from all these years – packed with great releases, highly original remixes and exploratory mix CDs – are her five monolithic albums, each the condensed result of a completely different creative phase – made to stand the test of time. Indeed, looking back, each of them in its own right can be seen
as marking a piece of techno history. You just have to think back to the feeling of astonishment upon hearing Stadtkind for the first time. Or being spellbound by Berlinette. Or being pulverised by the ARP in Thrills. And let’s not forget the superb collaboration with Apparat which resulted in Orchestra of Bubbles, perhaps the most beautiful indietronic gem to be produced in recent years.

With her new album, Dust, Ellen removes the sense of remoteness entirely. A warm immediacy takes centre stage in place of distanced artistic abstraction. As such, what is perhaps Ellen’s most personal album takes the form of a complete spectrum of her creative output to date, a cross-section in time which also looks ahead to previously untrodden paths… The world according to Ellen.

Its been ages since a club night features 2 debut on our shores. You’ll be feeling silly if you were to miss this expected wicked night out!! Let OHRWURM take you on a fantastic journey!

Dresscode: Dress to Party, Dress To Dance!
Strictly No Drugs to enjoy the journey.

Cover Charge for Him:- RM 60 inc 1st drink
Cover Charge for Her:- RM 50 inc 1st drink

Industry Ticket:- RM 40 w/o drink
Industry ticket is like pre sale but not advertised. Its basically open to every friends on our facebook page, as well as the people involved in the electronic music scene. Its limited to first 100 only though.
Pls contact: ohrwurmkualalumpur@gmail.com for more details.


When: 5 June, 9pm

Where: Mist Club, Bangsar

Tickets: RM50 (ladies, inclusive of 1 drink), RM60 (men, inclusive of 1 drink)

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2 Responses to Ellen Allien Dan Djinxx Sabtu Ini.

  1. patut la tukor shift..CLUBBING eh.. =D

  2. admin says:

    Hhehe tak jadi gi clubing ruby… Aku gi tengok redmummy kat midvalley

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