ROASTERS Chicken Run is back again for Charity!

Watch out for the upcoming como hacer para hacer crecer los senos ROASTERS Chicken Run! The run is in its sixth consecutive year organized by Kenny Rogers ROASTERS and it aims to raise funds for National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia – Dialysis Treatment for the Young, a provider of dialysis treatment and a one-stop centre for all matters involving the kidneys. This year will see children and adults having fun family time at Sunway Lagoon after the Charity Run.

The par söker kvinna i Skara ROASTERS Chicken Run will be held on 23 May 2010 at 7:00am onwards. Forms are available at any Klang Valley Kenny Rogers ROASTERS restaurants or simply download from Participants will run at designated route surrounding Sunway PJS area, but be aware, the run is not as easy as it seems. Participants have to run while balancing an egg on a cone throughout the whole route. The winning participant must reach the finishing line with the egg fully intact on the cone.

Registered participants will get a exclusive cirurgia aumento peniana valor ROASTERS Chicken Run T-shirt, a goody bag, a Kenny’s Quarter meal voucher and an entrance ticket to Sunway Lagoon.

Details for the entry fees for man söker man i Karlstad ROASTERS Chicken Run for charity 2010

πλαστικη στηθουσ ποσο κοστιζει Code Age Group Start Time Entry Fee


Group sign up of

 10 pax and above *


A Adult (Male) – age 21 & above  (Born 1989 and before) 8.00am 48 46
B Adult (Female) – age 21 & above (Born 1989 and before) 8.03am 48 46
C Junior (Male) – age 13 to 20 (Born 1990 – 1997) 8.06am 43 41
D Junior (Female) – age 13 to 20 (Born 1990 – 1997) 8.09am 43 41
E Kids (Male) – age 7-12 (Born 1998-2003) 8.12am 43 41
F Kids (Female) – age 7-12 (Born 1998-2003) 8.15am 43 41

*Group sign up for 10 pax & above – Get RM 2 off from normal entry fee.

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7 Responses to ROASTERS Chicken Run is back again for Charity!

  1. JAI says:

    nampak menarik…lu join sekaki ke bro??

  2. admin says:

    mesti la join bro.. best dapat tiket sunway ehehehe..

  3. aidi-safuan says:

    nih taun lepas pon ade gak kan zaid? susah ke?

  4. alice says:

    best lah ….. jom kita berlari…

  5. admin says:

    alice pastikan ko menang something nanti tau… aku nak hadiah..

  6. admin says:

    ahha aidi… ala senang je.. berlari… bayar sambil donate.. dapat tiket ke sunway lagoon dan goody bag ..

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