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Super Junior The 2nd ASIA TOUR Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010

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Venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
Date/Time : 20 March 2010 (Saturday) 7pm
Ticket Prices : RM138, RM238(Numbered Seat) ,
RM458 (Numbered Seat/Rock Pitt)

Ticket Hotline
Website : 03-20921199 ?Marctensia)

03-77115000 (Axcess)

Super Junior The 2nd ASIA TOUR “Super Show 2” Live in Malaysia 2010

Venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
Date/Time : 20 March 2010 (Saturday) 7pm
Ticket Prices : RM138, RM238(Numbered Seat) ,
RM458 (Numbered Seat/Rock Pitt)

Ticket Hotline
/Website : 03-20921199 ?Marctensia)

03-77115000 (Axcess)

K-pop Super Boy band ‘Super Junior’ set to tour Malaysia in March

The K-Pop sensation continues to attack Malaysia with Super Junior, the biggest boy band group in the world to debut their Malaysia tour next March 2010 with their Super Junior, the 2nd Asia Tour, Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010.

Organized by Redstar Presents, event managed by Marctensia and Warner Music as record label, Super Junior, the 2nd Asia Tour, Super Show 2 Live in Malaysia 2010 is set to kick off on Saturday, 20th March 2009, 7.00pm at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Super Junior last came to Malaysia for MTV Asia Awards 2008 but this time, it’ll be their first ever concert. The biggest boy band group will present their indisputable energy and showmanship on stage.

Super Junior started in September 2005, making it the biggest boy band group in the world. To date the boy band has released 19 albums that include soundtracks, etc. Due to different tier of demands, Super Junior is also further divided into sub-groups, namely Super Junior-KRY, Super Junior-M and super Junior-Happy that cater for different languages and market such as Korean, Japanese and Mandarin for fans of Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan and the whole of SEA. Not only that, Super Junior’s vocals as a group in acapella and harmonization are praised by the media.

One of Super Junior’s main attractions is their ultra-energetic dance choreography that embraces hip hop, street and break dancing that makes Super Junior a group of acclaimed b-boys that showcases their acclaimed techniques of popping, waving, sliding, liquid dancing, etc.; all featured in their MVs and live concerts.

To allow Super Junior fans to access concert tickets and grab the best seats, a pre-sale period will be held from Jan 18th, 11am onwards to Jan 29th, 2010. Concert ticket prices are categorized into RM138, RM238 (numbered seats) and RM458 (numbered seats and Rock Pitt). Fans can purchase tickets at T-Hop Zone, 6th Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza (in-front of Green-Box Karaoke). For every purchase of 2 tickets, fans shall be entitled to a limited edition giant poster, (500 pieces only) while stock last.

For more enquiries on the concert, please log on to www.marctensia.com, www.axcess.com.my or contact 03 2092 1199 (Marctensia Hotline) and 03-7711 5000 (Axcess Hotline).

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  1. @admin,

    Free tickets? There are no such thing free right now.. Except if im being sponsor by my parents…hehe :D. I’m buying and will go there with some friends…yippie! You should go there too.. Their songs and dance is soo cool..^^

  2. weee~~ meh goin too..
    but, just bought the cheapest tix..
    tak mampu nk bli rock pit.. ahha

  3. hi lulufadya,…. u tak apa lagi mampu gak beli tiket.. saya ni nak harapkan tiket free je.. hehehe kalau tak ada tiket free tak pergi la jawabnya..

  4. I’ve bought the ROCK PITT! 😀
    bratur 5 jam baru dpt sentuh ticket tu, rmai gile..
    tp skrg dh x rmai~

  5. i wanna go but i got a lot of problem. one prob have been solved but it come one after another. the concert will be end around the midnight, my fren and i worried that our parents won’t allow us to go..
    and now we are still hanging in the air whether we can go or not.~~
    we want the rockpit ticket, and we did’t have time to buy it. Is it still available?? and how to get free tickets if im lucky lah..

  6. i really want 2 go that concert but now i dont have enough money 2 go..hahaha..x de competition utk menang free ticket..

  7. hello admin!

    im from SG. how can we buy ticket? We really want to go. Please help me buy 3 tickets for me and my friends.

  8. sangat2 nak pegi tp budget constraint~~~
    diorng x perlukan xtra crew ke untuk backstage?
    i nak jd crew ntok konsert 2=D

  9. hehehe awak nak jadi backstage crew ke?… rasanya nanti awak bukan buat keje tapi gi tengok konsert hehehe (Melawak je)..

  10. =)..SuJu nih salah satu band korea yg bagusla..tp sygnya masa persembahan xsesuai….lgpun dh namany konsert ….suasananya dh blh dibygkan…harap2 peminat2 SuJu blh lbh bertenang ya…=)

  11. i want the rockpitt seat , tapi duit tak mencukupi.beli yg 253 tu jela.haha.papepon , still bersyukur gak sbb dapat pegi 🙂

  12. waaaaaaa..best la yg gi…i xgi pun..u all tlg kirim anyong je la kat dorang…sedih nye….

  13. bagus.. cadangan yang baik.. supaya tak mengelakkan kesesakan lalu lintas.. tapi naik lrt pun jem gak… heheheh

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