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Hi just for your info… Siapa yang nak menang tiket percutian tu boleh masuk dan participate contest yang mereka anjurkan.. tuah anda siapa tahukan…
Hey Malaysia Airlines Travel fans!!

Do you have a dream holiday? Be it an adventurous backpacking trip in Vietnam, or a relaxing beach holiday in Bali, everyone have their own dream holiday. What if you’re given a chance to live out that all-expenses paid dream holiday?

Malaysia Airlines, in collaboration with Astro Ria, is proud to introduce ‘Saya Nak Cuti’ competition –where you stand a chance to win a trip to your dream ASEAN holiday and play travel host live on TV!

Want to find out more?

Join us together with local bloggers at the ‘Saya Nak Cuti’ Night Out for more information! Feel free to bring your own laptop to register for the competition, too.

To make things more exciting, we have many exciting activities lined up for you, such as:

A lucky winner wins two tickets to any ASEAN destination for your effort

Inspire us with your dream destination as the best choice for travel. The elements that you can elaborate to make your case are:
– Places to see
– Things to do
– Food to eat
– Others
Winner gets to go on an all-expense paid trip with one of the winners from the Saya Nak Cuti contest!

The event is scheduled for the following date and time.

Date: 15th January 2009
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Great news for those who are interested! We have 10 passes, so if you want to come meet us and find out more, please email us with screencap of the following picture to

Go to

Dont forget to include your name, contact number and i/c number for us to revert with the location!

Hurry as the passes will be given on first comes, first serve basis 😉

Hope to see you there! We CAN’T wait – afterall it’s been too long since we last engaged with you! 😀

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