DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Final Challenge!

Wohoho!!! War Cry Day!! Hi all, we are The Gagalicious Team!! Today is the big day, me (Zaid), Alice, Naim and Ruby ready to take this challenge and finish all the task!

Hehehe… Wear yellow cloth and work as a team is so fun and awesome. We are so excited. Arrive at Mardi Gras, One Utama around 3 pm, we are late because we stuck at One Utama parking.. but its okay, we are still enjoy this event.. hehe..

Woohhoho!! Big screaming from us, today is the big day, we going to make this treasure hunt rock!!
Mardi Gras so crowded with yellow people.. hehe.. All the blogger lorh.. They all so friendly and always smile even we are not known each other. This is the reality of blogger. We are famous on internet!! Hehehe.. More famous with DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge..

For complete this challenge, we must bring and have laptop, camera with video, cable and 3G phones. My team, The Gagalicious already prepared and brings it. Naim and me bring our own laptop. Total laptop is two, just prepare.. in case if battery not enough, another one laptop will be the backup! Alice brings her super duper 3G phone. Ruby brings her cable and I’m also bringing the Camera and Video Camera. We are so excited, sharing is caring. 😀

The MC’s briefing all the teams, give the task file and guides us to connect with Digi Broadband. Then we must add Digi Telecommunications and Time Out on FaceBook. We need to use one of team member facebook account only. So we choose rabiatul adawiyah facebook. After add and connected, we rushing by walking to the task station. No RUN okay. Hehe..

First station we meet up is Swatch Outlet. This task need to complete by make a video commercial that promotes Digi Broadband and Swatch watches.. We are running out the brilliant idea, still cannot thinking how to make the commercial..Hahaha.. So we go to next station. It was DiGi Centre..

DiGi centre task, we need to make our group song play list by using DiGi Music website www.digimusic.com.my . They give us the username and password. To complete this task, we need to find Lady Gaga and Akon songs and put it on our song playlist and its done! We got trouble with Akon songs, because not listed and we try and try. Yeah! We successful have done the task! Hehe.. We got the stamp chop and get ready for the next task!

So, we get back to Swatch outlet and prepare for the commercial video. We decide to make a commercial about song downloading by using DiGi broadband by looking the swatch watches. We are running of time, only 30 second and we are forgotten to show the Swatch watches. Omg!! The DiGi people tell us its okay and you are done and just upload your video on facebook. Uploading video on facebook really takes time and it wasting time, because when we are moving to next station, the uploading not continue and failed. Than we decide to upload it later.

We are done and walking to the next station. Let’s go to QuickSilver.

QuickSilver task was awesome, we need to be a super model!! Hahahaha.. First time be a model for QuickSilver.. Hahaha..Get ready with their cloth and lets begin the shows.. Snap.. Snap.. Snap.. hahaha.. superb fabulous!! Done taking picture, we must upload the picture on facebook and tag with Digi Telecommunications and Time Out. Done tagging and laptop battery not enough. We found power plug point finally and stay for a while for recharge the laptop. While charging, we open another one laptop and try uploading Swatch commercial.

Times to short, we need to go to Mardi Gras before 5.30 pm, now is 5 pm.. Lets go to Mardi Gras.! Walking as fast as we possible before it’s too late. At Mardi Gras, task need us to Pole dancing with “athletic” themes. Waiting for our teams turn and dancing on the dance floor like a professional dancer. Hehehe.. Done dancing, done uploading the video and got the stamp chops.

Next task is go to Rainforest station. Let’s go!!

Rainforest station task is “SUMPIT”.. Each team member must show how excellent they it is. It’s hard to focus where to shoot. Fun doing this, first time tries “SUMPIT” and it totally awesome! We are done and got the stamp chop.. 😀

Next station at Rainforest also but at the different locations. Crosswords task by using DiGi video (see below). At the end of video we will find the clues. We think and finally found the answer. Using hand phone number and got the words “Broadband Done Right”. Task done and got the stamp chop, lets go to next station.

We walk to upper roof, taking the lift.. but it was wrong location and need us to go the other side of One Utama. It’s far and the nearest station was Celebrity Fitness. At Celebrity Fitness station, we need to walking or jogging or running for 800 meters. Wohoho… Actually we thought is easy, but it’s not easy to run for 800 meters. In my team, first runner was Naim, second is Alice, third is me and Forth is ruby!! Hahaha.. 2 round of field! Proud to our team.. We done with style.. got the stamp chop and get ready for the next station. Wohoho.. a bit dizzy after done the task.. No picture was taken when we are do the task, but Jojo Struys already take our picture.. Go ask her.. Hehehe.. Love you JoJo.. Done running, Task done! Got the stamp chop! Let’s move to the next Station at Batting Cages Upper Roof.

We walk to Upper Roof but when we arrive, Batting Cages task already cancel and no body inform to us.. So sad we not finish all the task.. (“!)

Go back to Mardi Gras and submit all the stamp chop. Task done! We are team number 2.. Last task is writing a blog about this treasure hunt. And we are done blogging. 😀

While write a blog, delicious dishes was serve to all of us and it’s really awesome. See the picture?? Yurrmmm!!!

Fuhh.. So happy.. Even we are not won anything but the experience that DiGi gave to us is so memorable and awesome!! Thank you to Nuffnang and DiGi!! We have fun and work as a team is more awesome than work alone! Thank you for make our weekend full with Joy!!

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8 Responses to DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Final Challenge!

  1. ARC says:

    haha gua telah bersalam ngan lu org tadi

  2. admin says:

    salam bro… tak sangka jumpa anda semua,…. anda semua memang baik dan peramah… sorry la kalau zaid ada terkasar bahasa ke apa tadi sebab terlalu penat sampai tak sedar orang kiri kanan hahahaha.. bro nanti zaid upload video gegel yang menari kat tiang tu yek .. hehehehe tapi esok la mlam ni dah penat giler esok zaid keje pagi pulak… hehehe anyway thanks ye…

  3. sWeEtDaRLinG says:

    Yang menang HP Mini tuu tuk apa erk? Blur jappp… langsung tak dengar apa2 sebab kepenatan

  4. ruby says:

    Kenapa la ruby gemok sangat dalam pic nih kan.. nak kena slim kan badan nih.. 🙁

  5. admin says:

    tak silap zaid tu untuk contest pimp my broadband (sebelum ni diorang ada buat satu lagi contest..) maybe hadiah kasi time tu kot..

  6. admin says:

    lepas ni kita gi Celebrity fitness .. tapi tungu bonus la.. hahaha

  7. ruby says:

    boleh ajer.. huahuahua… celebrity fitness, california fitness, true fitness and fitness first.. yang mana satu nak pilih.. huhuhu… 😀

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