Ingat lagi tak video home made aku ni?…

Aku dapat jemputan dari Nuffnang atas contest Mister Potato (No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009) yang aku masuk hari tu, tak sangka pula dapat jemputan ke party ini.. pada hari party tu nanti akan diumumkan pemenang RM20k atas peraduan yang telah dianjurkan oleh Nuffnang dan Mister Potato. Harap-harap akulah pemenangnya amin… korang doa-doakan la aku ye.

Dear Nuffnanger,

You’re now officially invited to the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009!!

Mister Potato Fiesta

2 (TWO) invites have been reserved under your Full name and Email address. Kindly confirm your attendance to the Mister Potato Fiesta by sending an email to nuffnang by 12pm, 11 Dec 2009. Failure to confirm your attendance by the stipulated time will result in your invites being revoked and pass to other bloggers.

The winners from the online blogging contest and the No 1 Mister Potato Man will be announced in the event itself. That means a total of RM20,000 will be given out during the event! Make sure you attend the Fiesta because you may be the lucky winners for the cash prizes!

Apart from that, expect performance from Hujan and lots of fun as we’ll bring you through a night of games with various attractive prizes for participants. Do come along dressed in Mexican theme clothes and enjoy the party and let us take care of your the food and beverages for the night.

Confirm your attendance as soon as possible as we look forward to see you at the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 on the 19 Dec!

Blogger Relations Department
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

Oh ye aku nak minta tolong sebenarnya… party tu nanti kene pakai baju ala-ala maxican atau South American, ermmmm mana nak cari yek..?… ada cadangan tak?… aku nak pinjam boleh?… hhehehe… aku nak pakai simple-simple je… huhu nak cari misai palsu, topi, baju, seluar… tak kan nak beli.. membasil je.. baik aku pinjam dari korang hehehe…